George Hoskins Will
Feb 16th 1855, Probate Apr 3 1867
Clinton County, Ohio Book 2 Pg 167 (LDS Film 0568564)

George Hoskins Deceased Will
Be it remembered that on the 3rd day of April AD 1867, at a Probate Court held in the Court house in Wilmington, Clinton County Ohio before John Matthews Judge thereof this day came Joseph Hoskins and presented the Last Will and Testament of George Hoskins deceased Late of Clinton County Ohio for probate which is in words and figures following.

February 16 AD 1855
In the name of the Benevolent Father of All
I George Hoskins of Green Township Clinton County Ohio do make this my last Will and testament.

Item 1st I give and devise to Mary Hoskins my beloved wife in Lieu of her dower the farm on which we now Live in the Township of Green and County and State aforesaid containing fifty acres during her lifetime if she so long remains my widow. But when she Shall Cease to be my widow the Said land to revert back to my Lawful heirs as hereinafter provisioned. Also all the household and kitchen fixtures Beds and bedding the choice Cow and poultry that may be on hand at the Time of my death and one hundred Dollars in Cash (over) one years support.

2nd I bequeath to my Son Joseph Hoskins two dollars he having heretofore received his full portion of my estate.

3rd I give and devise to my daughter Mary Fisher two dollars.

4th I give and bequeath to my daughter Hannah Summers one hundred dollars and to my daughter Ruth Black two hundred dollars.

5th It is my will that my Executor at my death Sell all my personal property as the Law dictates in such cases. Also all the Real estate owned by me at my death except that which is bequeathed to my wife either at public or private sale for cash or upon credit as he may think best.

6th It is my will that all my funeral expenses and of my last Sickness be paid and all my Just Debts and the residue from the Said sales when collected by my executor to be equally divided between the heirs of Mary Fisher (they receiving her equal part) George Hoskins Hannah Summer, Eli Hoskins and Ruth Black. And further I hold a certificate of stock calling for four shares of $50.00 each in the Mascetta & Cincinnati Rail Road which is to go equally to the above named heirs.(Mary Fisher’s heirs receiving her part).

7th At the death of my Said Wife or when She Ceases to be my widow the farm which is heretofore bequeathed to her is to be Sold and when the money is collected to be paid equally (to the heirs of Mary Fisher they receiving her part), George Hoskins, Hannah Summers, Eli Hoskins and Ruth Black.

8th I do hereby nominate and appoint my Brother Joseph Hoskins Executor of this my last will and testament hereby authorizing him to make such deals or deeds to purchase as they may agree upon hereby revoking all former wills by me heretofore made.
George Hoskins his mark (X)

Signed and acknowledged by Said George Hoskins as his last will and testament in our presence & signed by me in his presence. John Powell, Lewis Hoskins, John N. Henry.
(His stamp etc)

The State of Ohio Clinton County
Clinton Probate Court April 3rd 1867
Personally appeared in open Court John Powell and Lewis Hoskins Subscribing Witnesses to the last Will and testament of George Hoskins late of Clinton County Deceased Who being duly Sworn depose and Say that they were present at the executing of Said Will that they Saw Said George Hoskins Sign and heard him acknowledge the Same as his last will and testament and they Signed the Same as Witnesses in his presence and at his request and in the presence of each other and that at the time of the Execution thereof Said George Hoskins was of full age of sound mind and memory and not laboring under any apparent restraint. John Powell
Lewis Hoskins.

Sworn to and Subscribed in my presence the day and year first above written.
John Matthews Probate Judge

April 3rd AD 1867. The Last Will and testament of George Hoskins late of Clinton County Deceased was produced by Joseph Hoskins the Executor in the Will named and John Powell and Lewis Hoskins subscribing witnesses to said will appeared and in open court testified to the due execution of said will which testimony was reduced to writing and by them respectfully subscribed and filed with said will and it appearing to said court by said testimony that said will was duly attested & executed and that the testator at the time of executing the same was of full age of sound mind and memory and not laboring under any apparent restraint It is ordered that said will and the testimony be recorded.

Whereupon Joseph Hoskins the executor in the Will named appeared and Signified his assent to accept the trust of executing said Will. It is therefore Ordered that Letters testamentary be issued to him and he be ordered to give Bond in the Sum of Twelve thousand dollars which he did with John Powell and Lewis Hoskins as Sureties which is freely accepted and on motion the Court appointed John Powell Henry Leiken? and John N. Henry as appraisers of the Real and personal Estate of said decedent. By the Court
John Matthews P. Judge