Woodford Pascal Fisher and Dorothy Berneice Kelly

from "Descendants & Ancestors of Cephas Fisher Jr." by J.L. Fisher

Woodford Pascal (Bill) Fisher was born June 20, 1911 in Alfalfa County, Oklahoma, near Helena, the son of Florance Clinton Fisher and Grace Long. Woodford married Dorothy Berneice Kelly on November 30, 1931, at Medicine Lodge, Kansas. Dorothy, born October 29, 1915, was the daughter of James A. Kelly and Gladys Dell Hartman. Woodford worked as a carpenter, then for a number of years as a dragline operator on construction projects in Missouri, Louisiana, Beaumont, and elsewhere. He worked as an auto mechanic, first at Henderson, Texas and then for many years after moving the family to Mexia, Texas. He ran a gas station in Mexia and then owned an auto repair business. Seven children of W. P. Fisher (Sr.) and Dorothy Kelly Fisher survived infancy: James Clinton, Jackie Lynn, Gladys Grace, Karan Kay, Billie Louise, Woodford Pascal Jr., and Dorothy Berneice. Woodford Pascal Fisher died April 1, 1990 at Mexia, Texas and was buried in the Forest Glade Cemetery. Details of children:

1. Billie Eugene, b. 17 Aug 1934, Helena, Oklahoma, died same day.
2. James Clinton (Jimmie), b. 11 Jan 1937, Helena, Okla., mar. 13 Feb 1958 Patricia Ann McKenzie at Mexia, Texas. Died 18 Feb 1995 at Mexia.
3. Jackie Lynn, b. 30 Apr 1939 at Jet, Oklahoma, mar. 14 Aug 1959 Janice Gayle Thornton at Pt. Enterprise, Texas.
4. Gladys Grace, b. 21 Mar 1941 at St. James, Missouri, mar. 22 Sep 1961 George Jackson Liles III at Mexia, Texas.
5. Karan Kay, b. 14 Apr 1943 at Jacksonville, Texas, mar. 1 Cecil Hicks at Mexia, Texas, mar. 2 Bill Turner, mar. 3 Colin Plummer.
6. Billie Louise, b. 28 Aug 1945 at Henderson, Texas, mar. 6 Mar 1965 Gary Lynn Hatfield at Mexia, Tx.
7. Woodford Pascal Jr., b. 5 Jul 1948 at Mexia, Tx., mar. 27 Dec 1970 Barbara Lynn Ayers at Mexia, Tx.
8. Dorothy Berneice, b. 11 Dec 1952 at Mexia, Tx. (Pt. Enterprise), mar. 10 Mar 1979 Jose Antonio Ordieres Jr. at Dallas, Tx.

James A. Garfield Kelly, born at Greencastle, Indiana in 1880, was the son of Samuel H. Kelly, born 1846, and Elizabeth Davis, born 1847, both from Yadkinville, North Carolina. James A. married Gladys Dell Hartman in 1906, at Woodward County, Oklahoma. Both are buried in the Good Hope Cemetery near Enid, Oklahoma. Samuel Kelly’s parents were Henry Kelly, born 1804, from Yadkin County (then Surrey County), North Carolina (Five Mile Fork Post Office), and Sarah (Reamer?), born 1815. The ancestry of Henry Kelly is unknown. Family tradition says that our Kellys came from Ireland. The eleven children of James Kelly and Elizabeth Davis were Mary Jane, Sarah, Jessie, Lillian, Rose, Charlie, James (Jim), Mattie, Chester, Samantha, and Allie.

Gladys Dell Hartman was the daughter of David Ellsworth Hartman and Eliza Jane Green. The Hartmans came from Germany. The Green branch of this family has been traced back to Brighton, England. David Ellsworth Hartman was the son of Henry H. Hartman, born 1825, and Sarah Jane Gerber, born 1832, who were married in 1851 near Cicero, Indiana. David Ellsworth’s parents were both born in Cicero, Indiana, both were of German descent and spoke German. They had 12 children: Frederick G., Hames Osro, Mary Elen, Joseph Allen, George Granvil, Lydia Ann, Elmira M. (Ella), David Ellsworth, Isaac F., Rosa B., William H., and Eddie W. David Ellsworth moved to Iowa and then went to Wichita, Kansas to take a job with Wilfred and Becky Green. David married the Green's daughter Eliza Jane at the County Courthouse. They were married by S. E. Barrett. David's brother Joe, who had come to Kansas with him, also married and both couples settled at Mt. Hope, Kansas. David and Eliza lived there on a farm until the opening of the Cherokee Strip. He ran for land in the Strip opening, and became a rural mail carrier at May, Oklahoma. He operated the first hack that carried passengers and mail from May to Gage, Oklahoma. He did construction work in later years. David was buried in the Enid, Oklahoma Memorial Park Cemetery. Official date of death for David Ellsworth Hartman was given as May 1, 1952 by the attending physician as he estimated the time of death to be before midnight.

Eliza Jane Green was born in Illinois, although she was raised at Wichita, Kansas. She was married to David Ellsworth Hartman at Wichita, Kansas, in the Courthouse, by S. E. Barrett. Eliza Jane Green Hartman died in a house fire at Covington, Oklahoma and was buried in the Memorial Park Cemetery at Enid, Oklahoma. Eliza was the daughter of Wilfred Green Jr., born 1840 at Brighton, England, and Rebecca Jane (surname unknown), who had two known children: Eliza Jane, and Freddie (died in infancy). Wilfred Green Sr. came to America with a daughter, Hannah, and two sons, John and Wilfred. Isaac Newton Phillips, who later married Hannah, also came with the Greens. Wilfred Jr. and his father both served in the Civil War. Wilfred Jr. is known to have drawn a Civil War Veterans pension. Wilfred Green Jr. married Rebecca Jane ---- and settled at Mount Hope, Kansas, eventually in Sedgewick County. Wilfred Sr., Wilfred Jr., Rebecca Jane, Hannah, Isaac Newton Phillips, John, and other relatives are all buried in the Mount Hope Cemetery in Sedgewick County. All the graves are well marked.

Wilfred Green Sr. was also born in Brighton, England. Descendents say Wilfred Green Sr. came to America about 1843 with a daughter, Hannah, two sons, John and Wilfred Jr., and Dr. Isaac Newton Phillips. Dr. Phillips later married Hannah. According to Hannah's gravestone, she was born in 1847, so the immigration might have been later than 1843. According to the gravestone of Wilfred Green Sr., he served in the 25th New Jersey Infantry in the Civil War. Wilfred Jr., also served in the Civil War, most likely in New Jersey also.

Information concerning the children of Wilfred Green, Sr.:

Hannah Jane Green Phillips was born in Brighton, England on December 23, 1847 and died on December 5, 1921 at Mount Hope, Kansas. She married Dr. Isaac Newton Phillips, who was born on May 1, 1820 in England. Dr. Phillips died at Mount Hope on December 27, 1901. A son was born to them, Jehu "Duge" Phillips, on October 4, 1888. Jehu Phillips died on March 17, 1965 at Mount Hope. He married Mary Opal ---- on August 23, 1919. Mary Opal ---- Phillips was born on November 26, 1889.

John Green married Emily ----. Both are buried at Mount Hope, Kansas. Two children, George and Vesta died unmarried at Mount Hope. George was born on October 4, 1886, and died on May 21, 1963. Vesta was born August 24, 1884 and died December 8, 1954.

Elizabeth Davis was the daughter of Jonathan Davis and Rachel Fleming of Yadkinville, North Carolina. This account of Elizabeth Davis Kelly is given in “Our Alfalfa County Heritage,” Alfalfa County (Oklahoma) Historical Society, 1976:

“Elizabeth Davis Kelly, a widow, came to Oklahoma from Turon, Kansas, soon after the Strip opened -- with six of her 11 children. She settled on a claim staked by her oldest son, Jessie. He had come ahead on horseback to get the claim, and Elizabeth then filed on it. She and five children came in a covered wagon, bringing all their possessions. A son-in-law, Pete Levens, of Turon, drove the cattle and helped her make the move. He then returned to Kansas.

Four of the Kelly girls were already married and living in Kansas. They were Lillian Hohl, Mary Jane Durham, Sarah Levens, and Rose McNickle. The five children who came in the covered wagon were Jim, Mattie, Chester, Samantha, and Allie.

Elizabeth Davis was born in Yadkin County, N. Carolina, July 31, 1847. When she was in her teens, the family moved to Putnam County near Greencastle, Indiana. Samuel H. Kelly made the move with the Davis family from N. Carolina where he was born June 8, 1846. Elizabeth’s brother, Sampson, was drafted into the Confederate Army and being unsympathetic with the South, tried to escape to the North. He was shot in the foot and put in Andersonville Prison. The war between the States was the reason for the Davis family moving to Indiana. Samuel and Elizabeth were married in Indiana and 10 of their children were born there. They moved by covered wagon to Turon, in 1884. In 1886 when Samuel was 40 years old, he died before their 11th child, Allie, was born.

For some time after Mrs. Kelly and her family came to Oklahoma, they lived in their covered wagon and in an outdoors campsite. The older girls and boys worked for neighbors to help their mother.

Jim married Gladys Hartman from Carrier. They are buried in the Good Hope cemetery.

Mattie married George Elliott and lived near Aline all her life. Chester went to Medicine Lodge, where he and his wife, Lennis, lived until moving to Colorado where both are buried. Allie married Wiley Wells and he died in a few short years and is buried near Aline. She then married a Mr. Bartholomew and moved to Medicine Lodge, where she is buried. Samantha married Arthur Marlow whose parents staked a claim in the Carmen area. After living in this area for a time, they moved to Enid. She is the only survivor of the 11 children. A widow, she is 91 years old and lives alone. (Note: Samantha lived well over 100 years and died in Enid.) After some years the farm was sold to a daughter and son-in-law, Rose and George McNickle. It remained in the McNickle name until three years ago when Cecil McNickle was killed in an accident and the land was sold to Terry Ryel.

In relating this story, Samantha Marlow says she remembers the first evening they were on the claim. A cupboard was set outside the wagon, and wanting something out of it, she climbed up and caused it to upset. Her words were ‘And I got a good whipping.’” By Samantha Marlow, at age 91. This account was supplied by Mrs. Ruby Durham Guthrie: “The Davis famiy moved to Putnam County, Indiana, near Greencastle, during or just after the Civil War (perhaps 1865), when Elizabeth was in her teens. Samuel H. Kelly made the move to Indiana with the Davis family, and married one of the Davis girls, Elizabeth, in Indiana. Most of their children were born near Greencastle. They moved to Turon, Kansas in the spring of 1884. In 1887, when Samuel was 40 years old, he and all the children had the measles. Samuel died of complications several months before his last child was born. He was buried in the Neola Cemetery near Turon. Elizabeth’s brother, Sampson was also buried at Neola. Elizabeth moved to Oklahoma in the land rush of 1890.”

Elizabeth's son James once said that his mother was related to the Jefferson Davis family. This has not been verified.

Jonathan Davis, Elizabeth Davis’ father, was the son of William Davis and Ann Hutchens. Jonathan was married to Rachel Fleming November 13, 1833 in Surrey County, by Joel Hutchens (a brother of Ann Hutchins). Mrs. Reba Lotten of Salinas, California, a descendant of Sampson Davis, reports in 1990 of finding Quaker records of Morgan County, Indiana showing Jonathan's parents to be William Davis and Ann Hutchins Davis, married in 1810. According to the same source, Ann Hutchens Davis was the daughter of Jonathan Hutchens and Elizabeth Beaver Hutchens. According to Reba Lotten, "The man who sent the info about William and Ann Hutchens, is related on the Hutchens side of the family, and knew that Ann had a brother Joel, who was bondsman for Jonathan and Rachel. Jonathan died in 1896 and was buried in Morgan County, Indiana at West Union Cemetery (Quaker Monthly Meeting record)."

Two census records for Jonathan Davis and family have been located as follows:

1850, October 9, Surrey County, North Carolina, house 1143:

Jonathan Davis, 37, farmer, born N. C.; Rachel, 39, b. N. C.
Jesse, 15, b. N. C.; Daniel, 13, b. N. C.; Susannah, 11, b. N. C.; Sampson, ?; b. N. C.;
(age faded - perhaps 8); Elisabeth 3, b. N. C.

1860, Yadkin County, North Carolina, Yadkinville Post Office:
Jonathan Davis, 50, farmer, born N. C.; Rachel, 50, b. N. C.
Jesse W., 26, b. N. C.; Elizabeth, 13, b. N. C.; Sampson, 13, b. N. C. (age probably 18, but
looks like 13 on this record); Mary M., 7, b. N. C.; Lission 22, (Domestic)

Rachel could read and write, but Jonathan could not. Jonathan's personal estate in 1860 was valued at $385.

Bryan Jessup, a grandson of Sampson, gives this information about Sampson Davis: Descendents of Sampson Davis (Jonathan’s brother) have reported an affidavit signed by Sampson upon entering the Reno, Kansas County Home which gives his birth year as 1842. The Reno County, Kansas Welfare Department has the affidavit signed by Sampson Davis giving his date of birth as March 18, 1842. The Turon Funeral Home records show his birth date as December 12, 1845. The affidavit is assumed to be correct. Sampson Davis married Margeret Jane Johnson and lived in Iowa until she died in 1907. He then moved to Missouri, Arkansas, and Kansas. He married Bessie Stanley of Moberly, Missouri at Gravette, Arkansas. They lived a few years at Marshalltown, Iowa and moved to Turon, Kansas about 1925. Sampson had worked in the carpenter trade while in Iowa. He took a job as a janitor at the Turon school until he was unable to work. Bessie drew a pension from her son, a World War I veteran, after his death. Mary Kelly Durham, Sampson's neice, looked after Sampson and Bessie as long as she could, after which they both went to the Reno County Home. Bessie died on January 11, 1934; Sampson on June 20, 1936. Sampson is buried in the Neola Cemetery near Turon, Kansas.

Children of Sampson Davis and Margaret Jane Johnson:
Sarah Jane Davis White, Rosa A. Davis Jessup, Mary Etta Davis Brown
Sarah Jane Davis White had three children - Calvin, Vera, and Cassie. Calvin was Sampson Davis' oldest grandson.

Rosa A. Davis Jessup had 12 children - Lois (Sampson's oldest granddtr), Inez (d. 1922), Stephan M., Bryan, Amy, Frances, Corwin, Reba, Josephine, May, Harriett, and Rose.

Mary Davis Brown had two children - Carleton and Paul.