A Fisher Family at Lurgan, Northern Ireland

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Updated April 2007

The surname card index at PRONI (the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland) in Belfast shows that there were Fishers in and around Lurgan, in County Armagh, who apparently have never been studied. As early as 1634, Roger Fisher was a leaseholder of land on the Brownlow estate, which included the village of Lurgan and some surrounding townlands. The Brownlows came in 1609, from Staffordshire and Nottinghamshire, to establish English control of this land, taken from the former O'Neill earldom.

Examination of the Quaker minute books and marriage books show that John and Anna Fisher attended Quaker weddings at Lurgan and Ballyhagan (near Lurgan) as early as 1684. The early Lurgan Fishers mentioned are Roger, John, Anna/Ann, John Jr., Margaret, Elizabeth, Mary, and Hannah. Thomas and John Fisher, mentioned in 1731/32, could have been descendants.

Charles Fisher, a possible relative of the Ballyhagan and Lurgan Fishers, lived about 30 miles southwest of Lurgan near Ballyhaise (County Cavan). He was an active Quaker who attended meetings in and around Cootehill, Ballyhagan and Lurgan. He sometimes attended the same weddings as the Lurgan Fishers. In 1707, Charles was arrested for non-payment of thythes to the established church (a common occurance for Quakers), and was imprisoned for a while in Cavan Jail.

Fisher Quaker Records in Lurgan and Nearby Places, Northern Ireland

With some Robinson notes. (Thomas Robinson and Thomas Fisher were joint grantees of a tract in Kennett Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania in early 1701.)

1634 Roger FISHER, rental from Brownlow estate, Lurgan, Shankill Parish, Armagh.
1677 Roger FISHER Brownlow rental, Lurgan.
1684 John & Anna FISHER At marr. of John Fowles of Killmakinly & Elinor Harlan? of
Shankill Parish, Lissacurran near Lurgan.
1684 John FISHER At marr. of Alex Mathews & Margaret Harland, Lurgan.

1690/91 11th of 1st Month. Charles FISHER at wedding at Ballyhagan of William Gray of (Derryaghy? In Co. of Armagh?) and Abigail Williamson of Ballyhagan.

1691 4th of 4th Month. Charles FISHER at wedding at Ballyhagan of William Richardson of Egralougherf? In Loughgall Parish & Mary Calvart of Turberry? In Loughgall Parish.

1692 December. Charles FISHER at wedding at Ballyhagan near Lurgan. John Porter of Lurgan & Mary Boyes of Drumilly, Loughgall Parish.

1694 John & Ann FISHER At marr. of Francis Hobson & Mary Harding. (Lurgan?)

1694 10th of 6th Month. Margaret FISHER at wedding at Ballyhagan of William Hammer of Ballyhagan, parish of Kilmore, & Anne Clark of Drumhiniffe, Loughgall Parish.

1694 5th of 9th Month. Charles FISHER, Margaret FISHER at wedding at Ballyhagan of James Fox of Tyrone Co. & Sarah Hall of Ballyhagan.

1699 15th of 4th Month 1699. Charles FISHER at wedding at Ballyhagan of John Scott of Ballyhagan & Mary Atkinson of (?).

1700 7th of 6th Month 1700. At a wedding at Lurgan Meeting House. John FISHER Sr., John FISHER Jr., Margaret FISHER. Wedding of John Tanner of Carrickfergus & Mary Rea of Lissacurran near Lurgan.

1700 Thomas Robinson At marr. of John Wilson & Mary Wilson 6,9 mo 1700.

1701 Att a Province means meeting held at Richard Boyes ye 24th of 11th Mo 1701.
Joseph Pierson and Martha Deal both of Ballyhagan meeting, having appeared and declared their Intentions of Mariage with each before this meeting, James Moreton Richard Wetherill, Esther Tough, and Mary Blackburn Ailce Bell, Margaret FISHER, Mary Robinson, & Kathrine Kirk being appointed from ye said Ballyhagan men and woemens meetings ye first day of ye 11th Mo Instant to make enquiry concerning their clearness orderly proceedings consent of parents and relations concerned, having returned their answers that they have made enquiry, and finds nothing appear to obstruct their proceedings, butt that they may lawfully Marry, so its ye appointment of this meeting tht ye said Joseph Pierson do publish or cause to publish their said Intentions in tw severall meetings, at Ballyhagan and if nothing yt appear against them they may in a convenient seeson take each other in Mariage, James Moreton & Richd Wetherill are desired to see ye said Mariage perfected in good order & to bring or send ye certificate thereof to ye next Pro. Meeting. Were maried at Bellyhagan ye 5th day of ye 12th Mo 1701 as by certificate may appear.

1702 John FISHER & family Nov 17, 1702. At marr. of Robert Hoope & Ann Harding.
John FISHER Jr. & Sr., Mary, Margaret, Ann, Hannah, Elizabeth. Also John & Joseph Robinson. Location of this wedding ??

1707 (Province Meeting ?9th Mo 1707 In the Epistle from ye means meeting from Coothill there, account tht on ye 23rd of ye last month, Charles FISHER, Isaac Davenport, George Richardson & Wm Bevan, were taken prisoners, and putt in Cavan goal on account ot tythes at ye Suit of Michael Arnell priest of ye parish of Drumgoone & tht Frances or Edward Lucas of Castle Shane may be a propper person to apply to in order to obtain ye said friends release; therefore its desired tht Alexr Mathews, John Turner, & Joseph Robson do take a convenient season as soon as possible to enquire of ye manner of ye said friends imprisonment & to ye said Lucas or any other person they may see to be most propper to gett ye said friends released or enlarged; and also to befitt ye friends in their sufferings, and if they do not obtain their desire to give account of their proceedings to William Whitesile ye younger, William Richardson and William Brownlow who are desired to use their endeavours also, and all to give account of their success to ye next Province meeting.

1708 Province Meeting 2nd Month?1708 Alexr Mathews, Joseph Robson, & John Turner, gives account tht according to ye order of last meeting they went to use their endeavour to gett Isaac Davenport, Charles FISHER, William Bevan, & George Richardson released or discharged from their confinement upon account ot tythes, which hath thro ye Lords assistance proved so efectuall tht all parties concerned have acquitted their demands, except ye Chancellor one (Whellenhall Snead) by reason whereof they are not released, yett they are so enlarged tht they are at liberty, Edward Lucas of Castle Shane was friendly & gave good assistance towards ye said friends, enlargement, so tht for ye present this meeting do not think convenient to be further concerned abt them till further account of their being again confined, or further sufferings come upon them.

1708 At a province Mens Meeting held in Lurgan the 3rd day of ye 5th Mo 1708. Charles FISHER gives account that he, Isaac Davenport, Wm Bevan, and Geo. Richardson are clearly released from their Imprisonment, save only the Shereff, who hath not quitt his fees, yet they are not confined, nor is he troublesome to them, so that untill he give the said friends trouble its not thought necessary to do any thing therein.

1710 Charles FISHER & George Richardson being appointed by ye Mens Meeting held att John Stans? Near Ballyhaes ye 26th of ye 12th Mo last & Elizabeth Brownlow & Mary Hobson by the woemens meeting held at Ballyhagan, to make enquiry concerning their clearness orderly proceedings consent of parents & relations concerned have returned their answers tht they made enquiry & finds nothing to obstruct their proceeding but tht they may lawfully marry, soe its ye appointment of this Meeting tht ye Sd John McDannell do publish or cause to publish his said intentions in two severall Meetings att Ballyhagan & Cootehill & if nothing thn appear they may in a convenient season take each other in marriage.

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1722 At a Province & Quarterly meeting held at Ballyhagan ye 2nd of 4th Mo 1722. …afterwards joined with ye meeting of ministers & others met to gether with our dear friends, Eliz. FISHER & Mary Broklebank, from England, with whom we had a comfortable season, there being both close & pertinent matter delivered in tht meeting by our said friends both to ministers & others particularly concerned in Church discipline, with a tender Caution to those of ye Ministry, to keep in a Lively frame of mind tht their Ministers may be Lively, which helps much to make a Lively people or meeting which they may be concerned withoall; and tht every one concerned to preach ye Gospel, may live by the Gospel, the power of God, which with many other things, tht opened upon their minds in said meeting, in relation to ye qaualifications of those in tht station, which was agreed to ye concern tht took hold of friends of ye Select meeting before.

1731 Thomas FISHER Lurgan Parish

1732 John FISHER Ballyhagan