Lurgan Friends Meeting Records
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Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI)

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Updated 11 Nov 2008.

Some Minutes of Lurgan Men's Meeting, Transcribed from PRONI Film MIC/16/24-28, Indexed by J.L. Fisher.
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Minutes of Ulster Province Meetings (Transcribed from PRONI Film MIC/16/1A,1B)
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Additional Selected Lurgan Records:

1654 First Meeting at Lurgan.

1658 At a meeting in Lurgan.

William Lynas (the elder) was convinced of truth in the beginning of its breaking forth in these parts, lived in the belief of it, received friends with a willing mind and meetings were kept at his house at the first settling (of) meetings here. Obtained a good report amongst the neighbourhood by his Christian behaviour, stood in his testimony for truth and bore reproach for Christ’s sake in Whom he believed and continued in the faith until he died and departed this life the 22nd of 4th month in the year 1658.

1672 Lurgan Marriage Book, 12th of fourth month 1672.

This is to certify the truth to all people that Valentine Hollenworth in ye psh of Sego in ye county of Armagh, and Anne Calvert of the same psh having intentions of marriage according to the ordinances of God, and God’s joining, Did lay it before men’s meeting before them their marriage being propounded, then ye meeting desired them to wait some time, wch they did, so the meeting making inquiry between the time whether ye man be free from all other women, and the woman free from all other men, and so the second time they comeing before the mens meeting, all things being clear, so they being left to their freedome. A meeting of the people of god being appointed and assembled together at the house of Marke Wright, in the psh of Shankell the twelfth day of the fourth month in ye yeare 1672 whene they tooke one another in marriage in the presence of god and of his people according to ye law of god, we are witnesses of the same whose names are hereunto subscribed ye day and yeare aforesaid. Val: Holengworth, Anne Holengworth.
Ffrancis Robson William Williams Jo’ Calvert Chris Hillery
Hugh Stamper George Hodgshon Jam. Harison Dorothy Hillery
Roger Webb Will pearson Nic’ Harison Elis’ Gaus
Robert Hoope Mark Wright John Wright Alice Williams
Michael Staise Tmo’ kirk James Bradshaw An. Bradshaw
Tho. Wederall Rob Chambers Tho. Calvert deborn Kirk
Will Dixon Antho. Dixon Fergus Softly Alice Wright
Dinc Kirke Mary Walker

1683 Marriage Book of Lurgan Monthly Meeting, 1683.

William Dixson and Isabelle Rea, both of Parish of Sego, County Armagh, Ireland, were married at the house of Roger Webb, Parish of Sego, 5 month 4, 1683. Among those who signed the marriage certificate were Henry Dixson, Rose Dixson, Thomas Harlan, and Isabelle Logan.

1711 Marriage Certificate dated November 14, 1711. Samuel Stanfield and Jane Andrew, both of Lurgan. Lurgan Friends Marriage Book, Public Records Office of Northern Ireland.

Page 182 (154)

Samuel Stanfield & Jane Andrew both of Lurgan Clanbrazill in the County of Ardmagh, having declared their Intentions of marriage with one another before several publick meetings of the peo;le called Quakers, whose prcedings therein after deliberate consideration thereof, Enquiry being made concerning their clearness from all others, consent of parents and relations concerned being obtained, they were permitted to Marry.

Now these are to Certifie all whom it may concern that for the full accomplishing of their said Intentions, according to God’s Ordinance the said Samuel Stanfield & Jane Andrew appeared in a publick meeting of the said people mett together to worship God in their meeting house in Lurgan upon the fourteenth day of the Eighth month commonly called November in the year One thousand Seven hundred & Eleven, where being Contracted the said Samuel Stanfield taking the said Jane Andrew by the hand did solemnly declare in manner as followeth. In the fear of God & before this assembly I take Jane Andrew to be my wife promising with the Lord’s assistance to be to her a Loving husband till death separate us, and then & there in the said assembly, the said Jane Andrew did declare in like manner as followeth, In the fear of God & before this assembly I give my self to Samuel Stanfield to be his wife & takes him to be my husband promising with the Lord’s assistance to be unto him a loving & obedient wife till death separate us.

And as further confirmation thereof, the said Samuel Stanfield & Jane Andrew did hereunto subscribe their names as husband & wife, and they whose names are under written being present with many more at the solemnizing of their said marriage & Subscription aforesaid, as witnesses have sett their hands the day & year above written.
Henry Dobson Samuel Stanfield
John Stanfield Geo: Andrew Jane Stanfield
William Andrew John Robson
Pattr: Henderson Henry Greer