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Thornton Family Photo Album, 19th Century & Early 20th Century

Page 1 (Top-Unidentified) (Bottom Vera Spillers Bryant - Made 1900?
Page 2 Albert & Louisiana Maddox, children Ninnon & Myrtle
Page 3
William Maddox
Page 4 Ann Thornton & Burris (Buck) Thornton
Page 5
Macon Thornton & daughter Audie; Wife Lee Nettie & daughter Vernon.
Page 6
Dozier & Rebecca Thornton with children Lodis, Otis & Truie. Note says "Macon said the lady's name is not Rebecca; it's "Aunt Gussie" Augusta Georgia Forester Thornton." & note by unknown person "I looked it up in Thornton Book & he's right."
Page 7
Lodis & Otis Thornton
Page 8
Rufus Maddox
Page 9
Addison Maddox
Page 10
Joe Thornton & Rebecca
Page 11
From Left Alexander, Burris & Nathaniel Thornton
Page 12
Bill & Minnie Spakes with children Sam, Mary Ann, Joe & Etta.
Page 13
Page 14
Jenny Thornton Mathison
Page 15
Page 16
Jenny & Allen Mathison. Made in 1902 wearing wedding clothes.
Page 17
Kay F. Thornton
Page 18
Macon & Lee Nettie Thornton
Page 19
Isaac & Mary Jane Thornton.
Page 20
At left Addison Maddox, at right Alfred Maddox.
Page 21
From left Rufus, Huey & Jim Maddox.
Page 22Isaac Thornton
Page 23Mary Jane Thornton
Page 24 Mr. Henry Still
Page 25
Top left Maternal Grandmother of Mrs. Macon Thornton was married 3 times. Was about 65 years old when this picture made. Maiden name Green. Enlarged enhancement.
Top right Rebecca House Thornton, Paternal Grandmother of Macon Thornton. About 65 or 70 in picture. Made from another picture. Original was 100 years ago (1938 now). Wife of Thomas Thornton.
Bottom left Alfred Maddox.
Bottom right Rufus Maddox.
Page 26
Top left unidentified. Top right William Maddox.
Bottom left Mislabeled back. Correct should be Addison Maddox. Made in 1891.
Bottom right Madison Maddox.
Page 27 Top left Hair of Adrian Maddox, Top right Queen Maddox. Made in 1894 about 6 years old.
Bottom left Ruby Spakes Mathinson & brother Dossey S.
Bottom right Adrian Maddox. Made in 1894. About 17. Died when 23
Page 28 Top left Macon Thornton at the age of about 9 or 10.
Top right W.S. Benton Papa's friend. He had a pretty sister. Papa (Macon) thought Benton died about 1900.
Bottom left Mr. & Mrs Albert Maddox. Made in Hot Springs Arkansas in 1892. With daughter Ninnon.
Bottom right Macon Thornton & Wife. Was made in 1892 in Hot Springs Arkansas on way to Texas.

Some additional clippings, photos and charts of Thornton/Blackmon interest:

ThorntonPhotoOld0001W Mary Jane Otwell Thornton (1831-1926) & Spakes/Mills Relatives

Emma Lucille Blackmon Thornton, born in 1913 at Barry in Navarro County, Texas, was a daughter of Willis Robert Blackmon & Phoebe Caroline Hodge. The Blackmons came to Texas from Yazoo and surrounding counties in Mississippi. The Hodge ancestors came to Navarro County, Texas shortly before the Civil War, from Smithland in Livingston County, Kentucky.

Blackmon Genealogy Chart Emma Lucille Blackmon Thornton's Ancestry Chart. (Requires PDF Reader)
ThorntonPhotoOld0002W Emma Lucille Blackmon Thornton in her Mexia TX High School Class of 1930.
ThorntonPhotoOld0003W More of 0002W Photo, with names of classmates.
ThorntonPhotoOld0004W Pt. Enterprise Baptist Church near Mexia, TX, Restoration article.
ThorntonPhotoOld0005W Obituary for Elder W. R. Blackmon, 1966.
ThorntonPhotoOld0006W 1935 Mexia TX football team photo with Robert Blackmon. (1985 newspaper article.)
ThorntonPhotoOld0007W Continuation of article in 0006W.
ThorntonPhotoOld0008W Lee & Lizzie Hodge. Reverse side ThorntonPhotoOld0009W .
ThorntonPhotoOld0010W Edd Conway & wife, dau Ruthie. Reverse side ThorntonPhotoOld0011W
ThorntonPhotoOld0012W Couple with two kids. Unknown Hodge relatives.
ThorntonPhotoOld0013W Two Babies, unknown.
ThorntonPhotoOld0014W Couple, unknown Hodge relatives.
ThorntonPhotoOld0015W Girl, with baby (sister?). Unknown Hodge relatives.
ThorntonPhotoOld0016W , Reverse Side of 0016W Couple with baby, with quilt background.
ThorntonPhotoOld0018W , Reverse Side of 0018W Lee Hodge, wife & daughter.
ThorntonPhotoOld0020W , Reverse Side of 0020W Mr. & Mrs. N. Hodge
ThorntonPhotoOld0022W , Reverse Side of 0022W Horse "Old John;"my children & of Lizzie",Farris,&Roxie etc.
ThorntonPhotoOld0024W , Reverse Side of 0024W Mrs. F.A. Brown neigh Mrs. R.N. Hodge Barry TX
ThorntonPhotoOld0026W Elder W.R. Blackmon article 1963.
ThorntonPhotoOld0027W Mrs. Phoebe Blackmon Obituary
ThorntonPhotoOld0028W W.R. Blackmon & granddaughter (newspaper)
ThorntonPhotoOld0029W Janice Thornton Fisher (newspaper)
ThorntonPhotoOld0030W Macon Ellington Thornton Baby Picture
ThorntonPhotoOld0031W School teacher contract, 1908/9, New Hope, Freestone Co. TX.
ThorntonPhotoOld0033W Nettie Pearl Thornton birth certificate, 1903.
ThorntonPhotoOld0034W Nettie Pearl Thornton census document